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Sunday, my brother's birthday, started out nice and dry, but at 10:30 AM, something started.......

There was a little bit of snow, just starting to come down.

Not that much later, things were more dire......

Snomigod 2 had hit, or Snowmaggedon as I called it was here.

There was a bit of snow. And, unfortunately, our snow plow guy had gone to Pipestone to do volunteer work at the prison, and got snowed in with his cell phone locked up.

Hard to get out front. I tried to drive to the front yard, but only made it 6 feet. Fortunately, I made it the six feet back.

My brother and started trying shovel on Monday just to get out, but we were able to hijack the guy doing next door with a Bobcat.

I look at the snow mountain and think, yeah. We could have shoveled this. NOT.

I love winter, I have fun in the snow, and have really enjoyed being in MN.

But I love AZ Summers, too.

Maybe there is a therapy group for people like me....

Soap Box Derby in Superior, Arizona June 9, 2007
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